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VERY VERY HAPPY with Don's Pool Service!!!
I have had nothing but problems with my pool, equipment and plumbing, since Dan with Premier Pools installed it 8 years ago. 
Spoke with Don on the phone and then sent him pictures of the different problems and he was able to diagnose and give me different options on how to remedy the situation. 
Don is very knowledgeable and informative. There is no BS with Don - we didn't feel he was leading us down any paths. He educated us on how to use our iAquaLink, something Premier Pools never did. He also showed us ways around having to repair / replace more of Premier Pool's bad plumbing / work to save money and not waste water. 
We went with installing a new variable speed pump for the following reasons:
1) lower power use, by my estimates it will pay for itself in 6 months,
2) the Jandy pump we are currently using is 8 years old and after researching Jandy pumps, they usually go out at 8-9 year of age,
3) $100 rebate,
4) cycles the water faster,
5) Don gave us the options to save ourselves some money, with him installing the pump, to keep the 3 year warranty. 
This pump is so quiet, I keep checking it because I can't tell it's on! 
But what got me was, after Don was finished he was leaving and he said, if you have any problems or just need help or don't understand something, call anytime! 
I have had a truly scary experience in this industry and Don has changed my opinion!  Thanks - Don!

I just want to say thank you to Don for taking the time to send me an email link on a possible solution for the filter pump. Based on the symptoms he knew exactly what could be the problem and it was an easy fix. He saved me $$$ by telling me what needed to be done and sure enough  that was the problem. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone that has a pool problem. Just by speaking to him on the phone I could tell that he has a vast amount of knowledge on pool repairs.

Don has to be the rock god of any pool problem!  He was able to diagnose our problem and solve the issue with a phone call..really!  I sent a message to him on a Sunday night and I had a response Monday morning. With one phone call Don walked us through what might be the problem with our pump which we were able to resolve. Yep, sometimes there are people who actually know what they're talking about ...Don is one of them. Many thanks Don!

Talked to Don on the phone regarding an issue with my main filter pump. He gave me exceptional advice. I was able to determine in short order the pump was fine but capacitor was bad. All is working now. Thanks!!!!!

There is a reason Don gets great reviews on Yelp. He's darn good at what he does and straight up HONEST, FAIR & forthright.
 Thanks Don for a great job and extra care on my complete new install in Antioch and for making time to fit my schedule not just yours! This is what all service should be like in life...

I have had Don help me several times now and I cannot recommend him highly enough! He is extremely knowledgeable, which is crucial. His prices are more than fair and he has even come out to help with a situation and didn't even charge me. He's answered questions over the phone for me as well. As long as he is in business, I will always call on him! Save yourself a headache and call Don when your pool needs him. He's a really good guy too!

Don came and did a fast and comprehensive job.  He was honest, fair and did not try to inflate the job.  He gave his expert advise on additional repairs so that I could do it myself.  Give my 100% endorsement.

Don was a knight in shining armor for us. He helped us finish our pool (which was abandoned by the less than ethical original builder) and did a wonderful job. His taste and recommendations were right on target, and the pool turned out beautifully. He managed the project without supervision from us, worked through any problems that came up, was so honest, and went way over and above to finish the project and help us. I recommend Don's Pool Repair without hesitation!

We have used Don for multiple repairs now from major pool leak, to new pump and heater. What's great about Don is he is always finding creative ways to save you money and taking the extra time to explain things even beyond the job at hand. No joke we actually had him in looking at one of our outlets inside our home, no charge just the extra time he spends is great. I never feel rushed, overall great experience. I also like being able to email him about suggestions for other purchases (pool covers, heaters etc.).  Can't recommend him enough.

There's a reason that Don is so busy with work. He's very knowledgeable about pool equipment and gives good advice on the best equipment to buy for your pool and also where to get a good price. When it comes to installation he is fast, efficient, neat and clearly a very honest man. I was expecting to pay the price quoted over email, however, apparently I already had some part which he could use so the price paid was significantly less. Needless to say, I would have had no idea had he not mentioned it.

Pool equipment isn't cheap and so a quality installer is well worth the wait. If someone else can fit you in right away, there's probably a reason why!

Don installed a Pentair Booster Pump which I bought on line with his recommendation.  I felt the installation price was fair.  He did a great job and the pump is so quiet you can't even tell it's on.  His communication was great.  He noticed my pool sweep was the incorrect model for my pool and made sure I knew the exact one to buy.  I agree with all the other positive reviews.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Don to my friends and family.

Overall a great experience.  Don is very responsive, informative, and helpful.  My pool pump failed and I called Don.  He provided a great recommendation on a variable pump, arrived as scheduled, installed the pump and then went through the process to program/use the pump.  Great experience - I would do business with Don again.

I had Don come back to install my variable speed pump and filter. Not only did he provide excellent advice on what equipment to buy, but also where to buy it online. I probably saved $1000 buying my equipment online instead at the local pool supply chain. Don did an excellent job setting up my new equipment. I'm expecting to save at least 75% on my operating costs thanks to a new variable speed pump, I've gone from 3500 watts per hour down to 495 watts. Buying a new variable speed pump, getting rid of the old booster pump and buying a DC powered pool robot. Don recommended replacing the old sand filter as well, because they don't work well with the new higher flow pumps. He provides excellent advice and delivers on his word. Truly a trustworthy businessman. He also gave me a good estimate, that I felt was extremely fair.

I had some problems with my Hayward vsp3200 pump. Don was super knowledgeable and quick to respond. Not only was he familiar with the pump and all of its quirks he was able to make several recommendations on how to proceed!

As our Pump has died on us, we were looking around for the quotes for replacement and i am very happy to contact Don. 

He gave me various options and helped me find a VS Pump and a filter online and saved me couple of dollars.

Once the order was received, he dropped by for installation and did a great job.

Great service!

I called Don and described the problem I was having (the valve for the overflow from the spa into the pool seemed to be stuck).  He fit me into his schedule first thing the following day to take a look.

He said it was a bad actuator and that if I wanted to have him order and install a new one, it would take several days (he's a busy guy) and cost me about 400 bucks total - but suggested rather that I order the part and install it myself.  He described the process and even searched on his phone for the part and texted me the link.

Two days later I got the part, installed it myself and saved about 300 dollars!!!

Thank you Don!!!

Although Don didn't come to my house, he gave me a lot of great information about my pool. I just took over my dads house and have no idea of how it works. Every other company I called hasn't responded or didn't think they could help me. 

Yet Don answered every question I had and if it doesn't work, he will be the first person/company I call. 

Thanks for being a great person/company

Our pool pump went out a week after moving in sadly! Don really helped us find the right pump that will accommodate our system and helped us from getting ripped off from another company and saved us from the crap home warranties put you through!! Again so thankful for the honestly and prompt service! Our pool won't go green!

Excellent service! Don is very knowledgable and is an expert in his field! Don helped us with our new home purchase that had a water leak! Come to find out palm trees against your pool isn't that great when the roots wrap around the pipes and break them! Don helped us fix our problem and pointed us to the right direction so we can do some preventative work for the rest of our trees! Thank you to Don!

Completely satisfied with Don's Pool Repairs.  Right now is the very busy season for pool repair folks.  My old pool pump died over the winter.  Don proposed the replacement model and how to get it.  He installed it shortly after I received it via mail.  Fair price.  Very willing to talk me through the details of what he was doing and to ensure I was satisfied with the installation.  Subsequent to the new pump installation, I was having some issues with vacuum and Don provided suggestions that I could do myself, rather than coming out and charging for the simple fixes.  Very high integrity demonstrated!  During the spring season, be prepared to have a tough time scheduling him though.  He is busy.

Don and Linda are the absolute BEST! This review is long overdue, since Don and Lind helped me get a new pump and filter set up at the end of Summer 2014. Not only does Don charge you a reasonable price for high quality work, he and Linda provide the most honest and amazing customer support. I have learned so much from Don about how to maintain my pool and he has dispelled the many myths about maintenance for me. Always generous with their time, always polite and helpful, and extremely professional. I can not say enough good things about these people. If you need equipment installed don't even consider anyone else. Go to Don. You will not regret it.

Thanks Don for visiting our home today and providing us your insights from your many years of pool construction experience.  We appreciated your honesty, experience, and willingness to make suggestions that was in our best interest.   I would strongly recommend speaking with Don about any pool repairs.

Don is AMAZING!  When I moved into my new home, the pool had tons of problems caused by numerous incompetent repairs/upgrades over the years.  The plumbing was a mess, the solar heater wasn't working, the filter was wrecked and the inefficient pump was generating a $500+/mo electric bill.  I talked with numerous pool "experts" about the problems and got lots of BS answers before I found Don.

Don showed me where to buy a super-efficient pump direct at the lowest cost and then scheduled the install just 3 days after the pump's arrival.  Don arrived on-time and was fast and friendly.  He even helped me fix a few extra minor problems with the robot cleaner and a dirty filter, which weren't part of the job.  His charges were very reasonable and he adhered to exactly the price he originally quoted on the phone.

I can't say enough good things about Don!  I'll be bringing him back soon to install some upgrades to my control system and solar heating.

So we just moved into a new house with a  portable Hot Springs Sovereign spa.  Sounds great, but before we could even use it, the spa promptly crapped out  with the dreaded red flashing power light.  Going through Yelp, and other reference pages, I finally got lucky with Don's Pool Repairs.  Unlike many others, he promptly called back giving me some ideas on what to look at.  I have some physical issues so he came out twice to look and help eliminate what the issue could be.  Just as I was about to make our spa into a giant planter box, with Don's expertise, we identified the issue and the wife and I can now enjoy our Spa!  This was done with minimal cost as well!  Thanks to Don and his wife who was so helpful.    Can not say enough good things about these guys!

We had a problem with our pool pump leaking.  Don came to check on it in a timely manner and found an o-ring missing.  He also discovered the pool pump was in bad shape.  Based on his recommendation, we bought a new pool pump which is now saving me three times the energy cost.  Don's rates are very reasonable and he was very quick to return and install the pool pump for us. 

Overall, Don provided great service and is very knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy.  This is the second time we've asked him back to help us with pool problems.  He will now be our go-to man for any issues related to pools!   Thank you, Don, for your great service!

I received extraordinary service from Don's Pool Repairs !  Rather than attempting to sell me a spa heater, Don had stopped by to give me an estimate for installation and honestly advised me to purchase the heater on the internet. He admitted that he could not compete with the internet prices.Don personally replaced my spa heater without the service manual that was missing from my internet purchased heater. A bag of connectors also were missing from my order which Don made a special trip to the pool supply company to obtain. I was able to extract valuable information from Don regarding all matters pertinent to my pool care and equipment. Don did not add extra charges to his original estimate.He also returned a few days later to adjust my spa and in house Jandy system without additional charge. I would recommend Don's Pool Repairs to anyone needing professional, knowledgeable and honest service. Great guy with a even greater personality....

Class act!  They primarily due labor only.  They will tell you the big parts that you need.  Order them on line and then they will install.  

Had to replace my old spa heater.  Quote from local vendor including parts was $3k+.  I ended up paying Under $1k for heater and $625 labor which included rewiring a new time clock in and draining and filling spa.  

I plan to use them again to replace my spa pump in near future.

We are pretty new to having a pool having just bought a house that has one. We thought our pool heater had gone south because it didn't seem to be working and had a "service needed" light lit. Contacted Don's Pool Repairs and he came out on short notice on a day that we could be there (not at work or old house moving). What a nice, knowledgeable man!

Don spent over an hour with my husband explaining how our system works and what was happening to cause the heater to not work (too little return flow due to DE filter being clogged). He even told us that we had about 4 to 5 years left on our filtration system before it would need to be completely replaced. He could have totally hoodwinked us and tried to sell us new equipment but he was completely honest!

Oh and better still?? There was no charge whatsoever for him to come out and check the system. We were so happy to learn about our pool equipment and that there wasn't anything actually wrong that we definitely would have paid him something but that's not how he does business.

When it *is* time to replace any of our pool equipment he is definitely getting our business. Can't recommend him highly enough, he's just that awesome!

Excellent honest company. I had a very simple repair to my pool robot, that had been previously serviced by Leslie's Pool Supply in Brentwood. 4 expensive trips to Leslie's and the robot was worse than ever. They told me I needed a new booster pump. What I needed was a second opinion. Don came out free of charge and fixed the robot the first try. Then my son broke the tail off the robot, so Don came out again and again didn't charge me for a house call, he said it was a 5 minute job. I will definitely use them in the future. By the way, my booster pump was fine. Don spent 20 minutes on the phone with me explaining the pros and cons of my robot. I would recommend them to anyone.

Made appt. on their website.  Linda emailed me back with a date and time.  Don came out and gave us a free estimate on our pool motor issue.  Will keep Don's business card for any further pool issues.


About a month ago, I accidentally left our backyard pump on for half a day. Motor died. Our landscapers said they would take care of it. When they saw that the 'wires were underwater', they got concerned since they've never seen it before, cut the wires and told us to hire an electrician. 

Calls after calls after visits after visits, people kept scratching their heads and saying they don't know what underwater wiring is. Finally an electrician came along that said it's totally safe, but you need a submersible pump that comes with wires. And that he doesnt do that. So now I'm calling around frantically, as by this point I'm a week out from hosting an important bridal shower. People didn't return calls, didn't know what I was talking about, or didn't do what I needed. 

Then came Don. He took time out of his day to come look at the fountain yesterday. Then today he called with a 30min heads up, arrived with a brand new motor, fixed everything up, and BAM, WE HAVE A WORKING FOUNTAIN!!

Call him for fountains, lakes, pools, all of that. Miracle worker

The BEST you can find. Don came out to inspect my spa and recommended a leak detection service. When they found the leak Don came back and started the repair. Here's the best part, Don carefully removed the cultured stone, chipped away the Gunite and using a small mirror, found the leak in the PVC pipe. Don explained to me in great detail exactly how he would repair the pipe and then refill the hole in the Gunite with several different materials. It gets better, Don took pictures of the spa prior to removing the cultured stone, placed them aside in proper order and was able to put them back on perfectly! And if that's not enough he repaired a crack in a decorative wall that had nothing to do with my spa at no charge. If you have a problem with your pool or spa call Don and in minutes you'll know your speaking to a real professional. 

Thank's again Don, Doug

I got an estimate from another pool company for a $1350 replacement to fix my leaky filter.  I spent 10 minutes on the phone with Don's Pool Repairs and he knew exactly what type of filter I had and the +/-'s of it.  He told me what to do to fix my problem, resolved it over the phone in minutes, and saved me $1350!!  I'll be calling them first for any other issues that erupt.

Just called Don's Pool Repairs to discuss a problem with my pump and air in the system. Whoever I spoke with was incredibly helpful and potentially saved me quite a large chunk of money. I will definitely be calling them with any future pool repair concerns. Hours of time spent on the phone and online researching and trying to get help were solved in a few minute phone call. Thank you Don's Pool Repairs. I know who I will be calling and referring to other people the next time I need pool repair service!

We have a pool and spa running through shared equipment.  I consulted with Don several months ago on what we wanted to do:   Basically demo-ed an entire pool pad and wanted all new state-of-the-art gear.  This gear included: (Pentair: Intelliflo VS Pump, IntelliChlor Salt Chlorinator IC40, Quad 40 DE, Master Temp 400K, Booster Pump) AND some serious automation to run it all (Pentair: i9+3 kit with valve actuators, Spa Side Commander, Load Center with IC40 Transformer, ScreenLogic Software w iOS integration). 

Got on his schedule luckily before Memorial Day because my wife had already scheduled a pool party over this weekend.  Took  Don about 3-4 hours to get all the main gear plumbed and operational, without the automation side. Then about another 3 hours to get all of the automation side squared away.  This included getting the Spa Side Commander going, programming (through software running on Windows the ScreenLogic) the set up, and hooking up the router that was included for iPod/iPad control.

To get the automation side running, we had to run ONE 4 conductor wire from i9+3 into the house for ScreenLogic (router for iPad/iPod control) and ANOTHER one to the Spa Side Commander (which we put on a patio wall, since it was impossible to run to existing spa).  Note, Don offered a wireless system solution (Mobile Touch and ScreenLogic Wireless connection from our i9+3) that would have eliminated the need to run both wires from the pool pad go away, but i insisted on the hard wire option.  Tend to lose remotes or have them submerged in the water.

Now we have control of spa and pool through 
1. Spa-Side for wife or guests...they hit "SPA" and "AIR BLOWER" buttons and spa turns on without having to run out there to turn hit buttons and flip valvles. 
2. iPods and iPads (you have to go to iTunes to download the Pentair App) with the dedicated router that was included with the ScreenLogic with iOS integration. 3. ScreenLogic (version 5.6) on Windows...the interface is amazing with full control: Pool/Spa, Lights, Delays/Alerts, Chlorinator, Intelliflo VS.  To add, you can program when the pool pump and booster pumps run. With ScreenLogic, you can even set the pool's flow rate in Intelliflo VS by Watts (right now i'm pulling 490W or 2000 RPM).  Over the winter, i'm going to buy an i-Link and hook this into my Control4 Home Automation system with Don's help.

Pool equipment, especially on the automation side, is complicated and this is one area I would not to go cheap on to save money or transactional.  Glad we had Don on our side as a trusted advisor to get everything done.  I probably paid a little more (10-15% higher than other places) with Don's Pool repairs.  As a lot of us know or have experienced: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Don's Pool Repairs is AWESOME.  From my initial inquiry to my recent 'dumb' questions, Don was quick, polite and extremely knowledgeable.  They provide an EXCELLENT service at reasonable prices with a SMILE.

I called for what I thought was a PUMP problem. Don noticed right away that my filter was WAY too small for my pool and that my pump was operating fine.  He diagnosed the real issue and did not try to sell me something I didn't need.  That poor filter worked it's butt off on my nasty pool.  It stopped behaving, so I called Don, he came and looked at it, the filters needed cleaning, he taught me how to do it, (it was a new style for me) He spent quite a bit of time with me AT NO CHARGE! I later experience an 'air lock' and he was able to instruct me over the phone on how to deal with it.

My pool is now BEAUTIFUL, I have an efficient filter AND a service I can rely on and feel comfortable that I will be taken care of in an expedient manner.


We had a problem with our pool pump and called Don's Pool Repairs.  The first problem was taken care of over the phone!  Don was quick and accurate.  A few days later my husband had a different issue and called him again.   This time Don came to our house and corrected the problem in minutes.  The best thing is that he didn't charge us to come!

I thanked him and appreciated his honesty.  I gave him five stars for his quick reply, knowledge, and honesty....not to mention his is a pretty nice guy.

Thank you Don, we will call you in future if we need pool repairs.

Originally, I was set to go with Apex Pools. I spoke to Beau and sent him pictures of my setup and he gave me a quote ($795) -- a little high if you ask me but he seemed to really know his stuff and had great reviews so I didn't mind paying the premium. I told Beau that my pool heater was arriving on Tuesday and was told to give him a call back once the pool heater was delivered. Called him back on Tuesday afternoon after I received the pool heater and all of a sudden no one answering the phone on their main business line. Called three times when I finally decided to move on. 

Contacted several  more businesses before I reached Don's Pool Repairs. All I can say is that from beginning to end is that  his business is OUTSTANDING.  From dialing his main line and receiving a very polite lady who said that they would need to do a site evaluation before being able to provide a quote of the pool heater install (there was no fee for them to come out and evaluate and provide the quote). Since she didn't know of Don's availability, she kindly asked for my information and said that she would call me back. Which I did. And after less than 5 minutes, she returned my call and said that Don would be available to come the same afternoon that I called. 


Don arrived at my house and inspected my setup. He seemed to really know his stuff. He looked at our pre-plumbed gas line and the pool plumbing and within a minute gave me a quote of $450 for the entire job. I was ecstatic! That's over 40% cheaper than what Apex Pools had quoted me. I was still a little hesitant since I didn't have any first hand  review from other pool owners that used him. Anyway, just went with my gut feeling and scheduled the pool heater install. Since Don had to order a specific Earthquake valve for the gas line, he said that he would need to call me back later in the week once he had the valve but he was pretty sure that he would be able to get to the pool heater install the before the end of the week.

Pool Heater Installation

Didn't get a call back from Don until Thursday night. I was getting a little worried but was relieved when I got his call. He said that the Earthquake valve finally arrived and that he would be able to perform the install on Friday.

Don arrived at my house around 12:35pm and started the pool heater installation. Decided to watch him so that I can become more knowledgeable of my pool equipment. Don's a very friendly person and easy to talk to. He didn't mind me watching over him and was glad to talk about what he was doing. Asked him how long he would take to complete the job and was told that it wouldn't take longer than 3 hours. I felt so comfortable about him doing the job that I even left him there for about 30 minutes while I went to pick up my car from the shop.

Don had completed the plumbing portion by  the time I got back. It looked really good. I decided to stay with him and we continued to chat as he was doing the rest of the install. It probably took him another 30 minutes for the wiring and then another 30 minutes for the gas plumbing side. When everything was completed and ready to fire up the pool heater, Don patiently walked me through the process. At first, the pool heater would not power up. He checked to make sure it was getting power. I got a little worried that I may have received a defective pool heater (e.g. DOA). But then Don asked to turn on the heater from the control station. Then, like magic, the pool heater kicked on. 

I am really happy that I decided to choose Don's Pool Repair even though they had no reviews. This is why I'm taking the time to write a well-deserved review (even though a little wordy). I would recommend his services to every person that I know.


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